Turkey (Türkiye) Citizenship By Investment

Turkey (Türkiye) Citizenship By Investment



Do you aspire to obtain Turkish citizenship?

Are you looking for a reliable body that provides you with the correct information about how to obtain Turkish citizenship and the approved bodies?

Turkey gives investors and businessmen the privilege of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment. Accordingly, the Turkish government approves certain real estate companies in order to approve the second citizenship and the second passport.

  • Capital : Ankara
  • Currency : Turkish lira
  • Official language : Turkish language
  • Airport : Istanbul Ataturk International Airport


Why do you need to obtain a second citizenship and a Turkish passport?

  • Travel to 114 countries without a visa.
  • You will not have to give up your original nationality
  • An excellent investment environment for work, trade and investment
  • Nationality and passport for the whole family.
  • Securing your children’s future and providing them with the finest medical services and educational opportunities from the best universities in Malta and Europe
  • Actual residence in Turkey is not required in order to obtain a second citizenship and passport. Possibility of investing in real estate directly.


How will you obtain Turkish citizenship and passport ?

Turkish citizenship and passport are obtained through one of the available investment programs,

  • Real estate investment value starting from 400,000 USD
  • Investment in commercial projects with a value starting from 500,000 USD
  • Business owners who employ 50 employees or more under certain conditions.


Real Estate Investment :

Buying a residential property with a value starting from 400,000 US dollars inside Turkey and keeping it for 3 years.

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What will North Immigration offer you when applying for second citizenship and a Turkish passport ?

  • Providing the available and best options for you regarding obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  • Negotiating with the real estate developer if you choose real estate investment.
  • Review all information provided by the real estate developer and fully verify whether the house is free of any fees or rented
  • Regularly check whether property tax payments have been made properly.
  • Check with the local municipality whether the developer has all licenses.
  • We will accompany you to the title deed office to sign the purchase and sale contract and process the stamp duty tax on your behalf


Additional services we offer you:

  • Translate your passport and have it authenticated by a notary.
  • Helping you open a bank account inside Türkiye

Frequently Asked Question

  • Will my family get Turkish Citizenship ?

    Yes, your spouse and your dependents (under the age of 18 on the application date) can get Turkish citizenship

  • How long does it take to become a Turkish citizen ?

    After the property is bought and the application is filled, it takes between 3 to 8 months to get Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport

  • Can I buy a commercial property with rental income and get Turkish Citizenship with investment ?

    Yes, any property you buy is eligible for citizenship. you can rent the properties to someone else. The only restriction is you cannot sell for three years.

  • Which nationalities may apply for a Turkish passport ?

    All foreigners who are allowed to buy property in Turkey by Turkish law may apply for Turkish citizenship by investment

  • What are the main investment options?

    USD$ 400,000 in property
    USD$ 500,000 in fixed bank deposit
    USD$ 500,000 in fixed capital investment

  • Age Eligibility of the candidates :

    The age of dependent children must be 1-30 years old.
    The age of Siblings will be any age should be unmarried
    The age of dependent parents and grand parents will be 55+