Ireland Immigration and Residency

Ireland Immigration and Residency


The Republic of Ireland is the second-largest island in the British Isles located in Northwest Europe and third largest in Europe. It is separated from the United Kingdom by the North Channel to the east.

  • Capital: Dublin
  • Currency: Euro
  • Language: Irish, English
  • Major Airport :Dublin Airport
  Ireland  Minimum Investment
Minimum Investment
€ 500,000 EUR
 Ireland  Number of countries that allow visa-free travel
Number of countries that allow visa-free travel
189 Countries
 Ireland  Global Passport Rank
Global Passport Rank
 Ireland  Residency
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 Ireland  Taxation
Less Taxation
 Ireland  Processing Time
6 - 8 month

Ireland Immigrant Investor Programme

The IIP was introduced by the Irish Government in 2012 to encourage inward investment for the creation of business and employment opportunities in the State. The programme is designed to encourage investors and business professionals from outside the European Economic Area to avail of opportunities of investing and locating their business interests in Ireland and acquire a secure residency status in Ireland.

A minimum €500,000 (or €400,000 where 5 or more applications are received) philanthropic donation to a project which is of public benefit to the arts, sports, health, culture or education in Ireland, The assets jointly held by the couple amount to € 2 million.



You may apply to become an investor in the IIP if:

  • You are a person of good character
  • You have not been convicted of a criminal offence in any jurisdiction
  • You have a minimum net worth of €2 million
  • You have an interest in investing in one of the four eligible investment options mentioned above.



  • This program allows you to take your family members along with you
  • World class infrastructure
  • High level of Education Standard
  • Eligible for citizenship after 5 years of residence.
  • Less taxation rates

Frequently Asked Question

  • How can I obtain a residency permit in Ireland ?

    If you have been legally resident in Ireland for a period of at least five years (60 months).
    You can apply for a long-term residence permit.
    If your application is successful, you will be granted permission allowing you to work in Ireland for a further 5 years without needing another work permit.

  • Does the residence permit give me the right to apply Ireland citizenship ?

    To apply for citizenship by residency-based naturalization, you must prove that you have resided in the country for at least 5 years (1,825 or 1,826 days) of the last 9 years. This includes 1 year (365 or 366 days) of continuous residence immediately prior to the application date.

  • How long is the Ireland residency permit valid ?

    Long-term residency is granted for 5 years.