Dominica passport renewal 2024

12, Jun, 2024

Dominica Passport Renewal 2024:

As the expiration date approaches, passport holders need to renew their passports to continue using them for travel. Renewal procedures may vary depending on the policies of the Dominica passport office or consulate in the country where the passport holder resides. It’s advisable to start the renewal process well in advance of the passport’s expiration date to avoid any travel disruptions.

Validity Period:

A standard Dominica passport is typically valid for a period of 10 years for adults (persons aged 16 and over) and 5 years for minors (persons under the age of 16) from the date of issue. This means that holders can use their passports for international travel during this validity period.

Documents should be carried during the renewal process:

  • You should submit a completed application form.
  • Your old Dominica passport
  • A certification of naturalization.
  • Your clear photos
  • Birth certificate/marriage certificate (if obtaining Dominica citizenship by marriage)
  • An appropriate copy of the fee payment.

Expanding the Circle: Citizenship for Spouses, Children, and Dependents

One of the key advantages of Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Program is its inclusivity, allowing investors to extend citizenship benefits to their immediate family members, including spouses, children, and financially dependent parents or grandparents. This enables families to experience the myriad benefits of Dominican citizenship together.


Is there an age limit for family members to obtain Dominica citizenship along with the main applicant?

The main applicant can include their spouse.
Children under 30 should be financially dependent on the parents/main applicant.
Siblings under 25 unmarried should be financially dependent on the parents/main applicant
Parents and grand parents above 65 and should be fully dependent on the main applicant

Fee Structure: Citizenship for Spouses, Children, and Dependents

  • A single main applicant for the Donation option starts from $100,000 USD, and this amount is non-refundable.
  • The main applicant with a family of up to four dependents pays $175,000 USD, and this amount is also non-refundable. For each additional dependent beyond the fourth, an extra $25,000 USD is required.
  • Real estate investments start at $200,000 USD.
  • The government fees for real estate investment for a single applicant are $25,000 USD. For up to four dependents $35,000 USD. For each additional dependent beyond four, there’s an extra $15,000 USD extra charge.
  • The government processing fee will be $1,000 one time only not for each applicants.
  • The due diligence fee is $7,500 USD for the main applicant and spouse, while for dependents above a certain age, it will be $4,000 USD.


Reasons for Citizenship Revocation:

Citizenship revocation in Dominica can occur under certain circumstances, including:

Non-compliance with Program Regulations: Individuals who fail to comply with the regulations and requirements of the Citizenship by Investment Program may face revocation of their citizenship. This could include failure to fulfill investment obligations or providing false information during the application process.

National Security Concerns: Citizenship may be revoked if an individual poses a threat to national security or is involved in activities deemed detrimental to the interests of Dominica. This could include involvement in criminal activities, terrorism, or other illicit actions.

Fraudulent Practices: Cases of fraudulent acquisition of citizenship, such as using forged documents or misrepresentation of facts, may lead to the revocation of citizenship once discovered. If a naturalized citizen of Dominica is sentenced to imprisonment for more than a year by the court of another country within the initial five years following the receipt of their passport, it is supposed to trigger the revocation of their citizenship.

USA B-1 / B-2 Visa for Dominica passport holders :

Dominica passport holders can easily obtain a USA B-1/B-2 visa, valid for up to 10 years. This allows a stay of 180 days per year in the USA, making it convenient for those wishing to enjoy holidays, seek medical treatments, visit relatives, or attend business conferences. For more details contacts us or fill out below form our support team will contact you.


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