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North Immigration, we have the experience to advise and assist you on the most appropriate work permit for your circumstances and have the insight to make the process as smooth as possible. We will make assessment of your personal circumstances as well. As a team of immigration lawyers, consultants and experts, we have an established reputation for effective and efficient management and processing of visa applications, and for assisting our clients with work permit requirements and processes. We also understand the stresses involved with moving across the world, and take great pride in playing a supportive role to ease the pressure. We only do legal immigration and International Immigration and provide the best of our immigration programs and immigration solutions.



We help Investors and Businesses utilize global benefits by aiding them find the most suitable Investment opportunity and providing business and legal advisory in setting up international businesses. We are Governmental accredited Consultant and Marketing Agent.
North Immigration will guide you through the best and cheapest investment options worldwide to suit your particular circumstances and requirements. Our Clients are our highest priority and their happiness, our satisfaction.



Leading organizations often turn to North Immigration and our government strategies team for assistance with resolving the many government, policy and political challenges inherent in conducting business on a fast-changing global landscape.
Our team, which is closely integrated with the firm’s other practices, helps clients with a wide array of policy needs in the Immigration and Investment areas.



We do Employee Verification as well. What is Employee Verification, you ask? Employers may verify employment history as part of the employee background check to confirm the work experience you have conveyed to them and to be sure you have the professional background and appropriate work experience required for the position.
An employer will typically verify job titles, start and end dates for each job, and will sometimes check on salary and job duties. An employer may also ask for the reason for termination and whether the candidate is eligible for rehire.
Employers become very concerned when a candidate claims he or she has years of experience, when in fact they do not or when a candidate misrepresents their past titles, achievements or responsibilities. These are examples of the kinds of discrepancies that could come up in the background check which may indicate to employers that the candidate is being intentionally dishonest.
Employee Verification is a must, if you are planning on immigration abroad for work or living purposes. As a government accredited immigration service, you can expect only the best and professional services from us.



We do Business Visa Services as well. North Immigration is an immigration service dedicated to ensuring that our clients are getting the services that they seek. We have an extremely dedicated team and one of world’s most professional lawyers and experts to ensure that your business needs get the proper and best attention it requires.

If you have any business requirements, doubts or enquiries, call North Immigration today.